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Annual boiler servicing and general maintenance of your heating appliances can prolong the life of your central heating system. Well serviced boilers often prevent costly repairs and ensure that they are running efficiently - and most importantly safely. Our friendly team of Gas Safe registered engineers know ins and outs of all boiler makes and models, therefore they can carry out any boiler service at an affordable and timely manner. Book your slot today.

Estimated Boiler Repair Prices

Any boiler can develop a range of issues through out the years, so the repair prices will mainly depend on its overall condition and problems it developed.

Basic Repairs
£70 - £90
Most of our boiler repair call outs have minor issues which do not take long to sort out, and do not require any additional parts. Our engineers can spend 30 to 45 minutes on the job and will leave you with a fully working boiler.

Simple maintenance repairs
Require no or very few replacement parts
Issues can range from leaks to ignition problems
Routine Repairs
£90 - £130
For boilers that have not been maintained for a long time, require very few replacement parts, but need to be stripped and fully cleaned. These repairs are common for boilers that are 10+ years old but have been some what looked after.

Require some minor replacement parts
Engineer spends 45 min to 80 min fixing the issue
Issues can range from fan to sensor failure
Complex Repairs
Complex repairs are often carried out on boilers that are 10+ years old and have been maintained very little or none at all. Major parts require to be replaced. The customer is always informed on the final price before proceeding.

Boiler needs major parts replaced
Parts require to be ordered from official dealer
An engineer requires to visit the property 2 or more times

Top Rated Boiler Repair Company in Glasgow

We have developed a fantastic reputation from our years serving Glasgow, as we are able to repair your boiler at a fair price that will not break the bank. We are sought after due to our ability to efficiently carry out professional boiler repair services, we don’t mess around and waste anyone’s time. We find the problem or fault, sort it, and then leave you with a safe boiler that’s in good working order.

Reasons To Choose Our Boiler Repair Services in Glasgow

90% Success Rate on Boiler Repairs When Customers Call Our Engineers

Reliable Repairs

When you phone us looking for a boiler repair, we will give you a time and we will be there at that time, then true to our word; we will carry out whatever work is needed to repair your boiler.

Efficient Services

Broken boilers always cause a number of inconveniences to any household, especially in winter months, which is why we seek to repair your boiler as quickly as we can.

Experienced Staff

We have worked on all of the top boiler brands, from Vokera to Worcester, so we will know the common faults and fixes. Time served engineers allow us to complete the jobs in an efficient manner.

Always Helpful

We always inform our customers providing all the information that is necessary to know - we will fix the problem and then tell you what can be done to ensure that the same fault doesn’t happen again.

Gas Safe

Our team are Gas Safe approved boiler repair specialists. We can carry out the required services or repairs and then provide you with a Gas Safety certificate. Discounts apply to landlords with multiple properties.

Local Repairs

We are from Glasgow, and we serve all of Glasgow and Lanarkshire. We care about our local communities and want to do what is possible to make sure that everyone has safe and functional boilers.

Emergency Repair Services

If you need a boiler repair in a rush, let us know. We offer an emergency service that makes sure that you’ll get your boiler sorted when it’s needed most. As boiler repair specialists, we are your top option as we deal primarily with repairs over fittings and installations, because of this, we deal almost exclusively with broken boilers and have extensive experience in getting them fixed quickly. We understand that sometimes urgent repairs are needed which is why if you request an emergency repair we can be there day or night. If you need an emergency repair carried out contact us now.

Glasgow’s Top Boiler Repair Engineers

Fixing boiler problems is our bread and butter, we have extensive experience with almost all of the major boiler brands, so will be able to quickly identify exactly what’s wrong with your boiler and the best steps towards getting it sorted. As repair specialists, we are able to quickly sort issues without breaking the bank, and due to our team’s Gas Safe approval, we are an excellent choice for private owners or landlords who are in need of swift boiler repairs.

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If you are experiencing issues with your boiler, then speak direct to our gas engineer and book a slot available to remedy the issue.

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