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Annual boiler servicing and general maintenance of your heating appliances can prolong the life of your central heating system. Well serviced boilers often prevent costly repairs and ensure that they are running efficiently - and most importantly safely. Our friendly team of Gas Safe registered engineers know ins and outs of all boiler makes and models, therefore they can carry out any boiler service at an affordable and timely manner. Book your slot today.

Combi Boiler Service Prices in Glasgow

Warranty Booklet Stamps Come With Every Service Below

Bronze Boiler Service
For boilers that have been continuously maintained, are in good technical shape.
Gas tightness test on system
Gas to air mix analysis
Gas Burn Rate check
CO Leakage on Flue check
Silver Boiler Service
For boilers that have been occasionally maintained, but require a bit of TLC.
Everything in Bronze included
System water quality check
Check/Recharge expansion vessel
Condensate trap cleaning
Gas to air mix recalibration
Magnetic filter cleaning
Gas tightness test on system
Gold Boiler Service
For boilers that have not been properly maintained but require to be restored for safety reasons.
Everything in Silver Service
Removal of the burner and fan
Cleaning of heat exchanger
Burner door seal replacement
Spark electrode rectification

What Boiler Service Do You Require?

If your boiler has been working fine and you have not had any issues in the last couple of years, then most likely you will need a Bronze service which includes safety and functional checks. But if your boiler has not been maintained for a number of years and it needs more than just standard safety checks, then your boiler will require a Silver service. That's when our engineers will make a number of adjustments to ensure that it is working as required. Gold service is needed for boilers which fail a number of checks and even sometimes fall within the category of boiler repairs. Upon the initial inspection, our engineers will always let you know which boiler service you may need, so you are not getting an unexpected bill.

Call to speak to one of our engineers directly.

Why Customers Love Our Boiler Servicing

We are an excellent choice for annual boiler servicing for a whole range of reasons including:

Quality Servicing

When you have your boiler serviced with us, we will make sure that it is in excellent running order - no quick fixes, or cut corners. And if needed – we will repair your boiler.

Honest Advice

Our engineers always provide honest advice, so if your boiler is beyond servicing or is simply too expensive to repair, we will let you know so there are no unexpected surprises in the future.

Fair Pricing

We provide some of the best boiler servicing pricing within the Glasgow area. Get a direct quote by phoning us and letting us know the age, make and model of your boiler.

Efficient Servicing

While thorough, we will not waste time on pointless tasks, we will do what is needed to sort your boiler and then be on our way, leaving you to get on with your day without disruption.

Local Engineers

We are local to Glasgow, so when you call us, we’ll know exactly where to go. Boiler servicing can be provided for all of Glasgow, for West End to South Side.

Gas Safety Certification

We have been providing gas safety certifications to landlords and housing associations for a number of years. If you have multiple properties, you can be entitled to additional discounts.

Gas Boiler Servicing in Glasgow

We specialise in servicing gas boilers, and therefore, our services are well suited to almost all homes in Glasgow, as most old flats and tenements still have gas boilers. Gas boilers are highly effective and can heat up a home quickly but can also be dangerous if left un-serviced. It’s important to make sure that your gas boiler is being seen to every 12 months. Proper boiler maintenance and servicing is a small investment that can save you a good amount of money in the long run.

Boiler Service in South Side and West End

We are a Glasgow based business and our boiler servicing extends from the Glasgow’s West End to Glasgow’s South Side. If you are based anywhere in Glasgow and require help with your boiler, then give us a call and we will get to you as quickly as we can. If you are a landlord with multiple properties across Glasgow, then rest assured as we cover the entire city. Having serviced all the common boiler brands and models extensively, we will know what to look for on your boiler regardless of the area you are based in.

Boiler Service Glasgow

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If you are experiencing issues with your boiler, then speak direct to our gas engineer and book a slot available to remedy the issue.

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