Gas Safety Checks in Glasgow

For Private Owners, Landlords & Rental Agencies

It is compulsory for Landlords and letting agents to ensure that they have a gas safety check carried out at least every year. Property’s has to be inspected by Gas Safe registered engineers to confirm that all gas appliances, all the pipework leading to gas appliances and flues from gas appliances are in full working order. We provide gas safety checks in Glasgow and its surrounding areas. Contact us to organise a gas safety check today to stay compliant with the latest legislations.

The Cost of Gas Safety Check in Glasgow

A gas safety certificate will often not cost much more than £60 if you are based in Glasgow, but the price will mostly depend on the travelling distance to your property. If you are looking for a gas safety check in Glasgow’s West End, East End or South Side, then you are looking at about £50 to get the safety check carried out.

A gas safety check is simply a series of inspections within your property with an aim to receive a Gas Safe certificate which is a proof that landlord’s premises have been reviewed and deemed safe. The Gas Safety check is always carried out by a Gas Safe approved heating engineer.

Gas Safety Check FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions that are asked by our customers in Glasgow.

How Long Does A Landlord Gas Certificate Last?
A gas safety certificate will last for 12 months. Once that 12-month period is finished, another gas check must be carried out. It is important to book checks ahead of time so that there is no period of time in between your certificate expiring and your next inspection.
Who Can Provide A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?
In order to receive a legitimate gas safety certificate, you must organise a gas check with a Gas Safe registered heating engineer. It is advisable to rely on a single engineer who will carry out inspections on an annual basis to ensure you are consistently covered.
How Much Does A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Cost?
A gas safety certificate will often not cost much more than £30, but you must also factor in the rates of the engineer who is carrying out your gas safety check.

Get Your Gas Safety Check Certificate in Glasgow

If you are a Glasgow-based landlord and need a gas safety certificate from a registered engineer, give us a call. We can offer you our great services at a competitive rate, keeping your tenants safe, and ensuring your home meets relevant gas safety legislation. Gas Safety Certificate is required for all rental properties and our boiler servicing and appliance check will ensure appliance and boiler safety to comply with the “Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998”.

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